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ABGUR is an international trading company based in Freiburg, Germany. The production and the distribution of the finest argan oils and argan oil products for culinary and cosmetic use, as well as prickly pear seed oil, form the major focus of our corporate activities.

Our Philosophy

ABGUR products are convincing in both a rational and emotional sense because we not only deal with products, but also communicate an awareness of life.


Our Quality

To prevent the oxidation of the almonds and eliminate hygiene and storage problems, ABGUR extracts its argan oil from almonds that are not available on the market.

Our Fairness

ABGUR not only places a high value on quality, but also on the completely fair and cooperative behaviour of all people and bodies involved in the value chain.

Our Certifications

ABGUR culinary oils are organically certified by ECOCERT.  ABGUR cosmetic oils and creams are organically certified and clinically tested subjects.


The Argan Tree - Click to

We start in South West Morocco, only region in the world where this rare tree grows naturally. Green last rampart against the desert the argan tree (Argania spinosa) is a salvation for the Berber populations their camels, especially goats, which to enjoy its foliage and fruit climb in an uncertain balance, up to the top branches of this evergreen tree.

A very rare oil - Click to

Argan oil is a rare oil. Its high price is due to the incredible amount of fruits, necessary to obtain one liter of oil: 100kg of fruit and 10 hours of work. (For comparison: it takes 6 to 7 kg of olives to make a liter of oil)

The Line Work - Click to

These are then broken one by one, to extract oil kernels. Some women break, some sort, it’s almost the line work. Once toasted almonds are ground in a special stone. It remains only to press the dough to see the oil run. Everything is stored in baskets: pulp, nuts, whole or broken, almonds … because nothing is lost.

The Argan Fruit - Click to

Its fruit, which looks like an olive, a very fragrant orange oil is extracted the taste of sesame and toasted almonds. If she can not stand cooking, she deliciously seasoned salads, and wake up with a stroke of final oil all your Mediterranean dishes even a simple salad of oranges. Other gluttony, present on all Moroccan tables: amlou.

Its manufactured only manual - Click to

Its manufacture is a long and tedious job only manual for women. After picking complicated by long spines of the tree, the fruit is pulped first, to keep the nuts.

Without destroying a natural resource - Click to

The shell of the nucleus serve as fuel, pulp feed livestock the remaining dough will be used in the manufacture of soaps. Because this oil also has cosmetic properties: Moroccans are in the hair coat and skin, and make the same use as the Tahitian Monoi with. Established a cooperative, the women harvest, manufacture and sell this virgin oil. Continue living at home, exploit a natural resource without destroying is one of the advantages of this system.

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